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High five for learning!
Antigua during the day
With Beatríz in her living room
Beatríz working in her courtyard
Inside the chicken bus
In case of emergency
Singing Lady in Red
Showerhead in Antigua
Fence separates home from away
I sent this picture home, and my pops said, “Don’t even bullshit me that you studied that hard.”
The dock at Lake Atitlán
Getting fitted for a mock traditional wedding in San Antonio, Guatemala
Hiking Volcán Pacaya
Guatemalan girl
Roasting marshmallows at the top of Volcán Pacaya
Sunrise at the Indian’s Nose
Pondering my own sports career at Copán
Ruins at Copán
You know how it is
Taking a mud bath
Ziplining in the rainforest
Geared up for the Mustachio Bashio
Stumped by soccer in La Ceiba
Kids will climb
Pausing the kickball game
Talent show in El P.
Reading Love You Forever
Listening to instructions for the talent show
Everybody should be this excited about mashed potatoes
The volunteers; a worldly bunch
Costco-sized hair gel available at a regular-sized supermarket
Swimming at Útila
From the dock in Útila
Spotted Eagle Ray
One place you do not want to put your finger
Pretty fish
You know how it is
The worst trail guide in the world…and my most vital companion at Ometepe
I bought the tablecloth…
…and entered the ring
Sandals in Granada
Making balloon animals
In line for eyeglasses
Testing for eyeglasses
Completed well
A stop in Cali on the way to New Zealand
San Diego at night
Learning the scents of wine in Auckland
Got ‘er
THIS LUNCH BELONGS TO _______________________
Ugh…so many trips to Fergburger
Hang gliding departure spot
I’m insulting Milford Sound by trying to pick out just one picture
On the road, you wash where you can
Church of the Good Shepherd
Ivana said, “This street sure is steep.”
How we all oughtta take our coffee
The greatest one day walk in the world
Kangaroos. Everywhere.
Roo poo. Everywhere.
The buggy. As seen in chapter 5.
Ivana pushing the laggards home
You go where you can in the outback
Ben getting’ the cattle movin’
Cuttin’ the jewels
Eatin’ the jewels
Cattle at dusk
Nobody within fifty kilometers
Every meal should be like this
Another item checked off the list
Fat stacks in Indonesia
A really big tree
You know how it is
They come right up to your door!
Ivana getting bit…
The security office. Where you deposit your firearms before the cockfight.
Giving the winner a massage
Wakeboarding at Boracay
In the taxi
Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
$28 Cuban cigar, $1.92 bottle of Filipino rum
Raf and I with our Manny Paquiao autographed t-shirts
Fresh-caught shrimp
Ivana said, “Okay, so, here is the BEFORE picture.”
P90x before picture
A Hut for Two
Don’t go to Thailand without growing a mullet.
You should also ride an elephant while you’re there.
Cordoba, Spain
Palacio de Carlos V at La Alhambra in Granada
Flamenco bar in Sevilla
Absinthe kicks you right square in the face
Ice cave in Slovakia
Gettin’ ready
Auschwitz. Powerful.
Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
You know how it is

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